About this blog and autor

Hello guys, my name is Ivan and I play Guild Wars 2.

I like to take screenshots in game, so I will upload some. Mostly they will be shots of good looking players with their greatest weapons!

I will add some so called Grotesque looking characters, some Fun pics that will cheers you up and some old stuff to send you Back in time!

I would love if you comment on my posts!

Аnd if you want your character or even guild to be here, do not hesitate to contact me in game! Currently looking for more Charr male, Sylvari male and Asura female, but all races are welcome!

Have a good time here!


 Since May 2016 I stopped playing the game, but I will upload some new shots taken from my girlfriend Tolfa.

If you want to contact or follow me at:


2 Responses to About this blog and autor

  1. Dear Ivan,
    I have a similar blog to yours, and I want to use your images in my blog posts. However, I need your permission first, I will write an attribute and a link back to your blog. Awaiting for your permission.


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